Hot Stuff Thermal Mug / I Am Very Busy


Throw that Do Not Disturb sign up, and take a coffee break with this ‘I Am Very Busy’ thermal mug. This thermal mug will keep your tea or coffee totally warm and cozy while you get to look extra cute. pretty much a win all around!

  • 3"x 8" x 3"

  • Holds 16oz

  • Open and close slider

  • Insulated

Very Okay

Written by Vintage WItch on 18th Jan 2017

The color is gorgeous. I'm not a fan of bright colors but I was looking for a smaller travel mug and i loved the iridescent lettering and the cute 'i am very busy'. BUT As cute as it is - there are a few flaws. The temp. will only stay warm for about 3 hours. I grab my coffee at 6:30 then by 9:30 its cold. (Grant i used to use a metal mug which kept it warm all day, and people are probably like 'why are you taking so long to drink your coffee) SO this issue may only be a personal thing. The other issue is - the closure leaks. Not the opening for where you sip the coffee - but the button? lever? switch? you move back and forth will leak if your moving to much. I dont know if it just happens over time but If i put it up right in my purse and go from my 3rd-floor apartment to my car - the lid has coffee in it. It DOES NOT LEAK while i'm drinking - I repeat it does not leak while i'm drinking! It's an okay mug, its cute, it keeps it warm for the morning communite (if you aren't a weirdo like me and take forever to drink coffee that is perfect for you), its nice material. If you're looking for a fun mug to just switch around - go for it. but i wouldn't rely on this for like a heavy duty mug.

love this, no spills

Written by lala on 30th Dec 2016

i got the love potion mug, which leaks when closed, but this one has worked well for me and didn't leak when turned upside down. adorable and keeps drinks warm. we'll see what happens when it's time for the next use :)


Written by undefined on 1st Nov 2016

When I drink out of the mug coffee leaks from the lid on to my hands or my clothes and I've only used it twice

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