Canvas Tote / Tarot Card

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What fortune lies in your future? A new Harveys bag, perhaps? Let the cards decide your fate! Featuring an extra large tarot card-inspired embroidered detail on the front, this is the perfect casual tote for any purse collector to ring in the Halloween season.

    • 15.5" x 16" (H)
    • Made in the USA
    • Not machine washable
    • Vegan (Animal Friendly)

LOVE this tote!

Written by Kerry Q on 25th Sep 2018

I ordered this tote on First Friday and could not wait to see it in person. When it arrived, I was in love - the handles are beautiful black seatbelts, the totes is a sturdy black canvas and the patch, my God, it's just lovely. The colors are vibrant and clear and so rich. it's a beautiful patch and is one solid piece. I especially love the red bag on the patch because that's the first Harvey's bag I bought (and still have)! I started carrying it as soon as I got it and use it as a substitute purse on work days. I have noticed that the sky part of the patch is getting a little dirty so I plan to spot treat it rather than throw it into the wash like my other bags. This is definitely a higher quality tote than I expected. I can't wait to take it on vacation over the next couple of months. I just love it!


Written by Sandie on 24th Sep 2018

I love these totes with the seatbelt strap handles because they're so functional and cute. I use them for the gym, for groceries, for shopping, for hauling books, hauling crafts, hauling work, etc etc etc. But this one is especially special because the tarot image is COMPLETELY EMBROIDERED on it! OMG IT'S SO AWESOME! I mean, I knew it was embroidered when I bought it. I literally have dozens of these totes, so I have to be kind of picky about what ones I get now, just because like you only need SO MANY TOTES, right? So, I knew I had to have this one because of the embroidered design. But seriously, it's so much better than I expected!!! I might just have to carry this as a purse! It's that cute!!! Thanks, Harveys!

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