Circle Bag Disney / Cogsworth


Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme. Our Beauty and the Beast collection has arrived! Your favorite clock has come to life in our Cogsworth Circle Bag. His embroidered face is featured on the front of the bag  with special seatbelt handles on the top to replicate his characters details. The Circle Bag has one interior zip pocket that 5.5" x 5" and two slip pockets that are both 5"x5". The beauty is in the details with a replica of Beast's mirror comes as a custom zipper pull and our pretty in pink liner of the rose with its falling petals. This new circle bag is sure to make a statement!

  • 11" (L) X 11" (H) X 2.25" (W)

  • Adjustable strap extends from 25" - 51"

  • Made in USA

  • Animal Friendly (Vegan)

Iconic & Stunning!!

Written by Nancy Tholund on 16th Sep 2019

The details are simply gorgeous!! That precious embroidered face!! OMG LOVE this bag! The creativity is off the charts! Cogs size & functionality is as perfect for a day at Disneyland, as he is for everyday fun! Everyone needs this guy! ❤️

So stinking cute!

Written by Renée on 8th Sep 2018

Carried this all over the Magic kingdom and it was perfect! Lots of space but lightweight and so much fun! Bonus, I got so many compliments! Love this fun piece!

So fun!

Written by Jennifer Thalasinos on 22nd Oct 2017

I adore this adorable bag!!! It was expensive but worth every penny!

sooo cute and unique!

Written by Lindsay on 21st Jul 2017

I hesitated on getting this bag two times and both times it sold out online. I was torn between the boldness and whimsy of this one and the subtlety of the Mrs. Potts park hopper bag. I got the Mrs. Potts first and thought it was a bit too subtle for me, so I ended up getting the Cogsworth bag also, and this bag is the better of the two, in my opinion! The Cogsworth bag looks huge in the photos, which made me think it would be too "in your face" but in actuality, it is on the smaller side and just right for me! Like other people have mentioned, the circle shape is really cute and unique and so is the detail at the top that mimics the details on Cogsworth's face. I have no complaints about this bag. I just love it.

Recognizably Irrisistable

Written by Minnie on 16th Jun 2017

When I wear this crossbody...people spot me and always say.."OMG that's so cute!" People often stop and ask where I got it and I say, "It a Harvey's!" This was the best design besides the rose (which I missed out!) glad I got it! Makes my heart smile!

Cogsworth, carry with you!

Written by Linda Fransted Haas on 3rd May 2017

So much fun, and so easy to carry. Perfect small size! worth it!

Written by Minnie Paule on 3rd May 2017

I'm so glad I bought this bag. It's a great size and is the cutest purse. I love bags that are forms. Genius design and so fun!

Nailed it

Written by Jamie on 2nd May 2017

Honestly, this bag is so inventive and well-executed. I love it.

I love it!!!

Written by Karina V. on 2nd May 2017

I have been waiting for this bag to come out for months! When I received it I loved the adorableness of it and the details that tie it to the movie. Like the mirror zipper. I've been using it and have gotten nothing but compliments on it. It was definetly an investment! Thank you Harveys!

Adorable & functional!

Written by Sarah Casford on 2nd May 2017

I absolutely love this bag! I am a collector and own many Disney harveys and I have to say this is one of my favorites! The shape is great and unlike a lot of other crossbody bags, it has tons of space! Every time I take this bag out, I get compliments!!! It's a must have!

Cutest Bag Ever!!

Written by Rhonda O. on 25th Apr 2017

I absolutely love this Cogsworth bag!!! It's bigger than I thought it would be which is a good thing. I have quite a few Harveys Disney bags but this one is my absolute favorite!! ❤️

Why did I hesitate!

Written by undefined on 24th Apr 2017

I just moved my stuff into this purse (from the Rose) as quickly as I could! My wallet, glasses case, lipgloss and IPhone fit with lots of room to spare! When I first saw this I thought at 53 I might look silly but this just makes my heart happy!

How can anyone resist this face!

Written by Jamie dumont on 23rd Apr 2017

Cogsworth is one of the best choices in the new BATB Line. Its big enough to hold a clutch wallet, water bottle, keys, sunglasses, lipstick, and a bit more. Its perfect for day trip or more. He is awesome!!! I absolutely love this bag and it makes me smile everytime I look at it !


Written by Mollie on 21st Apr 2017

This purse is super cute! I can't wait to take it to Disneyland and show it off!!

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