Classic Wallet / Star Wars Comic

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Introducing our all-new collection celebrating the most epic sci-fi saga of all-time: Star Wars! As a kid, Dana Harvey (our founder and co-owner) used to collect all things Star Wars - including the comics. When exploring the Lucasfilm archives, the comic book art brought back fond memories. As it turns out, seatbelts are the perfect vehicle for comic strips! We created a fun print featuring iconic scenes and all your favorite characters from the movie that started it all. Fully lined with our exciting space battle liner with sound effects included! Don’t be afraid to choose sides with our double-sided Imperial and Rebel insignia charm. The light side and dark side collide with our specially-made red and blue zipper that comes together with a lightsaber zipper pull. Horizontally stitched seatbelt fully lined with credit card slip pockets.

  • 7" (L) x 4" (H) x 1" (W)

  • Made in the USA

  • Animal Friendly (Vegan)

Cutest wallet in the world

Written by Gina Rago on 12th May 2019

I have used the same wallet for 20 years....until it finally fell apart. My first experience with the classic wallet, from Harveys, was with the Toy Story release. I loved my Alien wallet so much, that I did not hesitate to purchase the Star Wars classic wallet to make the Star Wars tote. All my items fit neatly into the classic wallet. This wallet makes me feel organized!! This well made, sturdy wallet will surely last me 20+ years!!! Thank you.


Written by Minda on 11th May 2019

I realize I was lucky to snag the wallet. I was thrilled with the wallet once it arrived yesterday. The details are phenomenal. I love the zipper that is red and blue with a light saber. The liner is very cool black Star Wars design. The comic strip is slightly reflective that gives it a cool edge. It reminds me of when I was a kid and Star Wars was released! I loved that time and I love this wallet. I really wish I had been lucky enough to snag the matching tote. The only thing that I was disappointed with the wallet was it didn’t have Leia or Han Solo on my print.


Written by Sara Comley on 10th May 2019

This Star Wars line is absolutely AMAZING! The liner is the cutest ever- PEW PEW PEW / ZOOM! The quality is still great and the comic strip's gives everyone their favorites without making it all one print. This wallet fits all my cards (Yes- there are only 6 card slots, but I can fit 2 cards to each slot at least), so there is more than enough room! I can even fit my IPhone XS Max without it's case!! Just in love with this line altogether! Great job Harvey's Team! Keep the great products rolling out to us Disney lovers! Can't wait to see what is next!

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