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Inspired By Ello

New social media sites are born almost every minute, and not all of them are good. Ello came along with the promise to be "simple, beautiful, and ad-free" while still being a social networking site, and so far they've kept that promise. We've created an Ello page a little over a year ago, and added all of the more strange and artsy content we've created, including some of the fun behind the scenes pictures that never see the light of day. 

We love browsing Ello for inspiration and discovering new trends, and it provides a breath of fresh air from the typical pintrest search for what's new and exciting. Ello boasts a diverse crowd of art-forward thinkers who use the platform to post creations that might not normally make the cut on other sites, and that provides the same creative freedom to be daring like another favorite platform - Snapchat. Perhaps it's from the lack of pressure to preform, but Ello provides a fun and carefree outlet for our fringe photography, and we encourage anyone who might be curious or interested to follow along with us on our profile