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Sprinkle in Some Fun this Summer!

It’s summertime, and the living is easy! We’re welcoming in the sunny season with our newest collection filled with our warm weather staples: Ocean blue, ice cream, and sprinkles! We took inspiration from none other than Balboa Pier, located along Newport Beach, which is home to the Balboa Bar!

Since the 1940’s Balboa Bars, which are thick ice cream bars freshly dipped into chocolate and then covered in your favorite topping, have been served on the peninsula making them a SoCal summertime staple! We were so inspired by this confection that we had to make Collector Series bag to show our love! With a “melted” chocolate design, sprinkles on top, and a seatbelt popsicle stick you can now take the Balboa Bar with you wherever you go, how sweet is that?

Speaking of sprinkles, we were also so inspired by these rainbow colored candy delights that we had to create a line of sprinkle-covered bags to go with our Balboa Bar! The sprinkle collection is a subdued but peppy print, with sprinkle-inspired multicolor polka dots bespeckled on a black seatbelt backdrop, this bag perfect for anyone who loves a dash of fun strewn into their life, so make it rain! Sprinkles, that is.

Last but definitely not least is our Lagoon collection! We wanted to make a bag that encompassed the perfect beachy blue that was saw at Balboa Pier. This bag makes a splash as summer accessory whether as a beach bag or to bring for a day at the pier!

For a bit of extra summer fun for you all, we decided to document a bit of our photoshoot for this collection. In this behind the scenes video you can see how we go about getting that perfect “vibe” that matches our collection, plus all the fun we have while doing it!

How’s that for a warm welcome to Summer? But don’t worry, even though we set it off with a bang we still have a lot more to come for the sunny season, so stay tuned!