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We Want To See Those LTDs!

For this month’s #HelloHarveys contest we’re celebrating LTD edition bags! Why? Well in case you haven’t been keeping up with our Instagram or Facebook, we just released a sneak peek of one that will be coming out in the near future! So let’s celebrate LTDs! We want to see your LTD collection, even if you just have one and it’s your favorite, let’s see it!

For those of you who aren’t exactly sure what a LTD is, we’ve got you covered:

* LTD edition bags were first sold in 2004

* LTDs are made twice per year

* Each bag comes with unique Themed lining

* Each hang-tag is hand stamped with a unique LTD icon.

* Each bag has a numbered label #? of 250 with the exception of the first 4 that only had 200.

* If it doesn't have a numbered label it's not a LTD edition.

* Once a LTD edition bag is sold out it's gone forever. We may bring back a similar version but it's never exactly like the original.

So take a photo of your LTD Edition Harveys bag (or bags) on our Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #HELLOHARVEYS. One lucky fan will win some sweet Harveys swag and a shout-out on our site!

Here are the details:-Contest begins on 10/17 and ends on 10/24-To enter, post your photo to Instagram or Facebook, use #HelloHarveys, and tag @shopharveys-Your photo should showcase your LTD Edition collection

-Be sure to tag us!-You must be following @SHOPHARVEYS.-You may enter as many times as you’d like!-Entries will be judged on creativity, overall aesthetic, and adherence to the rules.-We like bright & clear photos! Check out our gallery and previous winners for inspiration -One lucky winner will be announced on 10/24 at 6pm!