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What Is First Friday?

It's the beginning of a new month, which means it’s time for another First Friday! But what exactly IS First Friday? If you’ve ever wondered what this craze is, then this is the blog post for you!

First Friday refers to the First Friday of the Month. No matter what date it is, if it’s the first Friday for that month, it’s First Friday! And for us, First Friday is a big deal because that’s when we release our new collections! Yes, you heard it right, we have a monthly release! 

Prior to First Friday, we’ll show sneak peeks of the next release on our social media pages, so be sure to follow them for all the latest updates. Then, on Thursdays, we host “First Friday Lives”, a livestream hosted by Dana and Melanie Harvey on both Instagram and Facebook showing the full collection! First Friday Lives are the best way to see the collection before the release the next day. Plus, you get to hear insider information on how the bags were conceptualized and then created from Dana and Melanie themselves! They happen every Thursday prior to a First Friday at 5pm, so be sure to tune in!

When it’s finally First Friday our collection is released to the public online at 8:00 AM, and at our physical store in Santa Ana at 11:00 AM! All hands are on deck to immediately help ship out everyone’s new bag so people can get them ASAP.

Hopefully this has answered all your First Friday questions, but here’s a cheat sheet for having a fantastic First Friday:

  1. Get excited! First Fridays are every first Friday of the month, and are when we release a new collection!
  2. Check our social media pages (Facebook and Instagram) to get sneak peeks prior to the collection launching.
  3. Tune in to First Friday Lives on Thursdays prior to First Friday at 5:00 PM on Facebook and Instagram to see the collection in full, presented by Dana and Melanie Harvey
  4. Have a happy First Friday! The online release is at 8:00 AM and the in-store release is at 11:00 AM, every First Friday!
  5. A few weeks after the release, ask “Is it First Friday yet…?”
  6. Repeat!