Seatbeltbag Stain Repellent


Introducing the Harveys Stain Repellent! It helps repel liquids and prevent stains without changing the look and feel of the fabric. The silicon based solution creates an invisible shield that helps protect your bag from liquid, dirt and oil. Wear your bags with confidence knowing that the Harveys Stain Repellent will defend you from life's little mishaps.

***This product has shipping restrictions.

-Cannot be shipped Air.

-Cannot be shipped outside of the continental US.

-Cannot be shipped Internationally.

-Cannot be shipped via USPS. 

    • This is a 5OZ (250ml) spray can

Protectant Spray

Written by Angel Musk on 26th Jun 2019

Really surprised how well this works especially since all the rain we had in the midwest recently. I respray my Treecycle purse every couple weeks. Be sure to spray the handles and zipper part too!

Seatbelt spray

Written by Angela Adams Fleider on 21st May 2019

I purchased this along with my R2-D2 parkhopper to protect my investment. I sprayed it twice as instructed, waited 24 hours to use, and have been wearing the bag for 2 weeks now. I wear jeans daily and haven’t had any issues with denim transfer- it still looks brand new!

Great product just don’t spray inside

Written by Paige on 2nd Apr 2019

I highly recommend this product. Whether you have kids and are worried that any kid like mishap can happen or a busy woman that loves dainty colors. What ever it may be buy this to protect your bag! It does it’s job and my Harvey’s bag has white in it and it still looks brand new. If you do buy it take your finishes off if you can. Any key chains or charms from Harvey’s. Anything that can’t be removed I would wrap in painters tape or masking tape to protect. It will prevent these items from being treated which if it does happen leaves a weird residue that’s challenging to remove. I also recommend that you do this outside or in a garage with windows open. And if feasible wear a mask. The bottle has a warning label saying if inhaled it can cause nausea and stomach problems. I am convinced my dog inhaled some while I was using it. She got sick shortly after and I felt really bad but she’s been fine ever since. The fumes in general are strong too. Wouldn’t want them in my home. One can goes a long way too, especially if you like Harvey’s bags and have many of them.


Written by Angel Moreno-Rhyne on 10th Mar 2019

Love this product!

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