Seatbeltbag Cleaning Kit

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Introducing the Harveys Cleaning Kit! This bold red Harveys box contains our spot cleaner, brush and towel; all ingredients you need to keep your bag looking brand new! Harveys All Natural Spot Cleaner effectively removes fresh stains, build up and dirt from your seatbeltbag. The gentle, low foaming solution contains natural cleaning elements that are 100% biodegradable and bag spa approved. Keep your bag looking so fresh and so clean!

Product Safety Data Sheet

Cleaning Kit Instructions

  • Start with a quarter size amount of spot cleaner

  • Dampen cloth and gently wipe any spots

  • For tougher spots, use the brush by applying light pressure and be sure to go with the grain of the seatbelt

  • Let air dry

  • Repeat the process as needed



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