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    To clean at home, use mild soap + soft cloth to scrub away any dirt or scuffs. We recommend purchasing a Seatbeltbag Cleaning Kit. The All Natural Spot cleaner effectively removes fresh stains, build up and dirt from your seatbelt bag. Use frequently to keep your bag looking clean and fresh. 

    You can also protect your bag from future stains with our Seatbeltbag Stain Repellent.

    Our signature Dust Bags also help to keep your bag clean and dust free in between uses. 



    We recommend a Do-it-Yourself cleaning with one of our Cleaning Kits first, but sometimes your bag may need a little extra TLC. For this, we offer a Bag Spa cleaning service for $30 + applicable return shipping fees. This service is available to US customers only. Before sending your bag in for this service please read carefully to make sure that your item qualifies.

    What does not qualify?

    Any bags or accessories that include the following:

    • Patches
    • Embroidery
    • Leather/Faux Leather
    • Canvas
    • Rope
    • Non-seatbelt surfaces 
    • Gems
    • Lace
    • Enamel Plaques

    Please contact us at info@shopharveys.com if you have any questions on how to clean your bag. 

    If your item qualifies, simply download the cleaning service form and follow the instructions. By completing the form and sending your bag to us you are agreeing that you have read and understand the qualifications and will pay all applicable fees. If an item is sent to us that does not qualify for the bag spa service you will be notified and your item will be sent back to you.