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    Flatlay Photo Challenge Winners

    Flatlay Photo Challenge Winners

    A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our flatlay photo challenge we hosted with our friend @ashtinelikekutcher ! We were overwhelmed with all the amazing entries we decided to open up the number of winners from the original 3 to all 15 ears we had made for our Monsters Inc. event. We normally have these ears as special thank you to the dedicated few who are first in line at our events and it warms our hearts to be able to offer these to so many deserving customers! 

    There was so many creative entries we had to create award categories for each one! 

    Most Monstrous - Sully

    Winner: Michelle Parks

    Most Monstrous - Mike

    Winner: @disney.bunzie

    Most Minniest 

    Winner: Deborah Watts

    Most 'Merica

    Winner: @magicalimaya

    Most Mostest (The person who did the most entries!) 

    Winner: @fnchapulin

    Outta This World 

    Winner: @slinkydogsarah

    Cray Crazyest

    Winner: @carpethatdiem2day

    Made Us Smile

    Winner:  @pinkpixiecakes


    Unexpected (It's doll-sized clothes!) 

    Winner: @3dizbelts

    DIY-EST (handmade dress by Marcie!) 

    Winner: @rockinmarcie

    Jr. Photographer 

    Winner: Conner Schoneck


    Winner: @moderndaymouseketeer


    Winner: Cherry Ann

    And lastly...

    Here's 2 Our Heroes! 

    We picked two Heroes from the medical industry as a thank you for all you do!

    Winners: Nancy Tholund and Melissa Minarik ! 

    Thanks again to everyone who participated in our flatlay photo challenge! We can't wait for the next one :) 

    Fresh n' Fruity

    Fresh n' Fruity

    We here at Harveys are partial to oranges - not just because they are rich in vitamin C but because we're located in Orange County! We are so happy to have a collection that celebrates our favorite fruit, and it got us thinkin' about all the other fruit bags we've made in the past. There's been a lot! Do you collect fruit bags? Let us know! 
    Have you been eyeing items from our Squeeze Me collection but worried your bag will get dirty? Fear not! We have a stain repellent spray so you can carry those delicate colors with confidence. 
    Do you need to clean your bag from the comfort of your home? Pamper your purse with our Cleaning Kit! It comes with a spot cleaner, custom brush and towel - everything you need to keep your bag looking brand new! Harveys All natural Spot Cleaner effectively removes fresh stains, build up and dirt from your seatbeltbag. The gentle, low foaming solution contains natural cleaning elements that are 100% biodegradable and bag spa approved. Perfect for in-between bag spa visits, to keep your bag looking so fresh and so clean!
    We even made a fun instructional video on how to use it. Check it out! 

    Free Printable Harveys Valentine's Day Cards!

    Free Printable Harveys Valentine's Day Cards!
    When February 14th rolls around, make sure you're not empty handed for that special someone! We created two adorable and cleaver Valentine's Day cards that you can download and print - perfect for those last minute gifts!

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    Harveys Raffle for Australia Fires

    Harveys Raffle for Australia Fires

    Dana and I are heartbroken over the devastation caused by the wildfires in Australia. It hits close to home being that Dana was born in Sydney and most of his family still lives there. Please help us by donating to provide much needed relief.

    We will be raffling off tickets for a chance to win one of these 5 hard-to-find bags straight from Melanie's personal collection! All you need to do is email us your donation receipt from either the NSW Rural Fire Service or Animals Australia charity organizations to our email HarveysDonations@gmail.com. Each $5 donation will be considered 1 entry - so please specify which item(s) you'd like each entry to apply to if you plan on submitting multiple entries. Fundraiser will end on Wednesday January 8 at 5pm PST and winners will be announced that evening. Donation receipts must be correctly dated starting January 6 until Wednesday January 8 at 5pm PST or they won't be included in the drawing. Please note these items are as-is and might not have original charms or hangtags as originally produced.

    Bring On The Holiday Family Traditions!

    Bring On The Holiday Family Traditions!
    In case you've missed our tease on social media last night, we're coming out with a Harveys ornament! Yes, you heard that right, now you can add some Harveys flair to your holiday decorating! To celebrate this wonderful time of year, we asked Melanie to do a little show and tell about her favorite ornaments, and why she loves them. 

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