• These Foxy #HelloHarveys BFFs Are a Hoot!

    These Foxy #HelloHarveys BFFs Are a Hoot!

    Friends who have bags together - stay together! We are happy to announce the winner of the #HelloHarveys photo competition for the month of June is @mustangmallory and @cwags1967! We loved that their bags matched while also showing off their individual personalities!We received so many friend-tastic photos we wanted to highlight a few more that we loved:@beccad0421@thishuskylife@cristina_arollaShirley A.Thank [...]
  • Bag Friends Forever!

    Bag Friends Forever!

    Welcome June! Can you believe we’re already halfway through the year?! It feels like time is flying by! To celebrate the halfway point, we want to celebrate our other halves, aka our BFFs, with our next #HELLOHARVEYS contest! Since June 8th is National BFF Day we’re joining in on the fun: we want you to [...]