• We ❤ Our City Lights

    We ❤ Our City Lights

    In honor of #wcw we would like to take a moment to gush about one of our favorite bloggers: Diana from Our City Lights. She admittedly is a Harveys fan so we might be a tad biased, but she truly is an positive and a delightful person. We've been following her for some time now [...]
  • We ❤ Studio Weave

    We ❤ Studio Weave

    Studio Weave is an architecture practice based in London with a style that utilizes wit and playfulness. With projects ranging from imaginative cartography to bird watching refuges like our favorite project entitled Ecology of Colour. This project is an Art Studio on Ecology Island in Central Park, Kent England that hosts events, workshops, crafts and [...]
  • Made with ❤ in Sunny Southern California

    Made with ❤ in Sunny Southern California

    Everything at HARVEYS is under one roof in sunny Southern California. We design, manufacture, and even sell and curate products in this space I'm typing from right now. It's a pretty cool experience to be able to see the full circle of a product. It literally goes in a circle starting in the design offices, [...]
  • Our California Native Garden

    Our California Native Garden

    Its front page news that California is experiencing a record-breaking drought and you might be thinking to yourself: “What can I do to make things better?” The biggest low-hanging fruit on our list was the large grass areas that surrounded our corporate office in hot, sunny SoCal that required a lot of precious water to maintain. It was time [...]
  • We ❤ Taro Hirano

    We ❤ Taro Hirano

    We recently came across a really beautiful photo series by the artist Taro Hirano, entitled Pool. It's a very moving series based around abandoned, empty, and dilapidated pools, that makes you feel, as they say in modern nomenclature, some type of way. There is something about pools that symbolize a kind of accessible opulence, happiness [...]