From Thought to Dot! A Look Into Our Minnie Factor Shoot!

From Thought to Dot! A Look Into Our Minnie Factor Shoot!

Yoo-hoo! Have you heard the news? We have an all new collection starring our favorite fashionista: Minnie Mouse! With her iconic dots and sassy attitude we just had to pay tribute. This blog is a little behind the scenes into our photoshoot process for the Minnie Factor collection, from moodboard to completed images!

Before every photoshoot, we have to create a mood board. Obviously, the mood for this shoot was dots dots and more dots! By using images that have the same vibe we'd like to go for we can from that point brain storm which exact elements we want to showcase in our shoot. For us it was important to use purple, yellow, and pink as our main colors, and to have the shoot be fun and bright! We also loved the idea of having a polka-dotted ottoman or stand for the model and bags...

...which turned into this! Adding texture onto props is always a good idea because it adds visual interest, so we made the "dots" from pom-poms! We absolutely loved how this prop turned out!

We also made a quick Behind the Scenes video for this studio shoot, check it out!:

Another large inspiration for the mood of this shoot was the TV show, "Totally Minnie", and more specifically this clip where Minnie Mouse and Elton John sing at Santa Monica Pier:

Because we had only shot this collection in a studio-setting, we wanted to have some more lifestyle-type photos added in as well, and this video served as the perfect inspiration to which location to use. Hopefully there are some dedicated Totally Minnie fans out there who noticed our ode to this cute show ;)

Another quick moodboard was made to include possible places to shoot at the pier so that we'd go into the day with a solid idea of where we want to shoot.

Still using pink, purple, and yellow as our theme, as you can see by the pink headband, purple tights, and yellow shoes! (And I got to be a guest model, that's me on the left! Hi!)

Santa Monica Pier has a ton of brightly colored walls. We had a bit of a magic moment with the sun hitting this orange one perfectly, the photos turned out beautiful!

We also rode the ferris wheel for some fun photos. It was a little scary, but we got a lot of good shots from it, and weirdly...the ride went on for what felt like forever....but that means even MORE photos so it was okay!

We put a lot of love into this shoot! From the beginning thought process, to moodboards, to prop making, to styling, to shooting, to editing, and then finally to posting for you all to see, there's always so much going on behind the scenes to execute these pictures perfectly! Hopefully you enjoyed this quick peek into what our process is like. And don't forget: Minnie Factor collection goes live 1/18 and 8AM online and 11AM in-store! 

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