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    Journal — GIVEAWAY

    Flatlay Photo Challenge Winners

    Flatlay Photo Challenge Winners

    A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our flatlay photo challenge we hosted with our friend @ashtinelikekutcher ! We were overwhelmed with all the amazing entries we decided to open up the number of winners from the original 3 to all 15 ears we had made for our Monsters Inc. event. We normally have these ears as special thank you to the dedicated few who are first in line at our events and it warms our hearts to be able to offer these to so many deserving customers! 

    There was so many creative entries we had to create award categories for each one! 

    Most Monstrous - Sully

    Winner: Michelle Parks

    Most Monstrous - Mike

    Winner: @disney.bunzie

    Most Minniest 

    Winner: Deborah Watts

    Most 'Merica

    Winner: @magicalimaya

    Most Mostest (The person who did the most entries!) 

    Winner: @fnchapulin

    Outta This World 

    Winner: @slinkydogsarah

    Cray Crazyest

    Winner: @carpethatdiem2day

    Made Us Smile

    Winner:  @pinkpixiecakes


    Unexpected (It's doll-sized clothes!) 

    Winner: @3dizbelts

    DIY-EST (handmade dress by Marcie!) 

    Winner: @rockinmarcie

    Jr. Photographer 

    Winner: Conner Schoneck


    Winner: @moderndaymouseketeer


    Winner: Cherry Ann

    And lastly...

    Here's 2 Our Heroes! 

    We picked two Heroes from the medical industry as a thank you for all you do!

    Winners: Nancy Tholund and Melissa Minarik ! 

    Thanks again to everyone who participated in our flatlay photo challenge! We can't wait for the next one :) 

    Wave Hello to our #HELLOHARVEYS Winner!

    Wave Hello to our #HELLOHARVEYS Winner!
    We are happy to announce the winner of the #helloharveys photo competition for the month of April is @harveysaddict! We love how Noreen is relaxing in a literal bag spa! Noreen will be receiving a Ice Leopard Park Hopper as well as some special Harveys Swag!We received so many fin-tastic photos and wanted to highlight some of our favorites!Thank you so [...]

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    Meet Noodles: Our #HelloHarveys Winner!

    Meet Noodles: Our #HelloHarveys Winner!
    We are happy to announce the winner of the #helloharveys photo competition for the month of March is @emilylwhitehouse. Emily took an adorable photograph of her Stitch Mini Streamline with her fur baby Noodles. We loved how happy Noodles and Experiment 626 look relaxing on a sunny Hawaiian beach! Emily will be receiving a Splash Streamline [...]

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