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    Journal — History

    Harveys History: Red, White and Blue Collections

    Harveys History: Red, White and Blue Collections

    It's time for a little Harveys History! It's no secret that we're fans of the Red, White and Blue color combination and vintage Americana. From the heart flag label to our legacy collections we enjoy celebrating being made in USA through our collections over the years. How many collections has it been? We're here to tell you all about our previous RWB collections in this installment of Harveys History! 
    Spangled Collection first released in June 2012 with multi-colored and pattern mixing goodness! 
    Spangled came back the next year in June 2013 w/ a RWB bow boat tote, and a custom bandana and canvas tote! 
    We reimagined the RWB concept with Firecracker in Summer 2016. 
    Stardust offered cute little polka dot white stars in Summer 2017. 
    The Betsy was a super popular Collector Series double-sided Flag inspired bag from Summer 2018. 
    In Summer 2019 we made Spangled a legacy collection and released a new RWB collection alongside our POPular Rocket Pop. 
    This year in 2020 we wanted to change it up and do something really special. Keep an eye our on our social media and be sure to sign-up for our email alerts so you don't miss out on this well-liked series making a comeback! 

    #HelloHarveys Contest : A Tough Love History

    #HelloHarveys Contest : A Tough Love History
    We thought it would be fun to take a look back at previous Tough Love collections along with a fun Trivia question for our Facebook fans! If you don't already, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the fun monthly contests we do. This year we wanted to mix it up a bit and [...]

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