• Bring On The Holiday Family Traditions!

    Bring On The Holiday Family Traditions!

    In case you've missed our tease on social media last night, we're coming out with a Harveys ornament! Yes, you heard that right, now you can add some Harveys flair to your holiday decorating! To celebrate this wonderful time of year, we asked Melanie to do a little show and tell about her favorite ornaments, and why she loves them. 
  • Why Seatbelt?

    Why Seatbelt?

    Even though we’ve been making seatbelt bags for over a decade we still sometimes get the question “Why Seatbelt?” thrown at us so we decided to write a little love letter to our favorite thing: seatbelt! Here are all the reasons why we love this beautiful and durable textile:Its Shiny!Ooooh....shiny....! Seatbelt has a lustrous effect [...]