• Made for Me: Thank you!

    Made for Me: Thank you!

    We want to thank everyone who joined us on this Made for Me journey! These past few weeks have been a blast and it’s been so fun to share our process with all of you! We hope you had fun with us behind the scenes in our factory during each step of the process as we made these amazing bags.
  • Made for Me: Finishing Touches

    Made for Me: Finishing Touches

    Welcome back to Made for Me Monday! Our team is now working on the final stages of production on your Mickey and Minnie Medium Streamline Totes. The bags have been assembled and have made their way through the hands of our Crew that check each bag for quality, add finishing touches like charms, and seal them into bags for shipping.
  • Made for Me: Machines

    Made for Me: Machines

    Welcome back to Made for Me Monday! This week we’ll be taking you on a tour through our small factory to see our different machines and how each one plays an important role in piecing together our bags and accessories!...

  • Made for Me: Materials

    Made for Me: Materials

    Welcome to Made for Me Monday! Oftentimes our customers are surprised by how many different parts it takes to make a seatbelt bag. Today we’ll be talking about some of the most exciting materials used on our production floor. 
  • Made for Me: Sampling

    Made for Me: Sampling

    Welcome to Made for Me Monday! Last week we left off with the completed digital designs and now it’s time for the sampling process. Sampling can take anywhere from a few weeks to months depending on the complexity of what’s being produced. So how do we go from digital mockups to physical seatbelt bags?