• I'd Much Rather Be, Forever in Blue Jeans

    I'd Much Rather Be, Forever in Blue Jeans

    Since the 1870’s denim has been the American staple, representing durability and versatility. From the early days of jeans being used solely as workwear, to the jeans being sold today down every catwalk, denim has continued to adapt and change with the times. As an ode to our favorite wardrobe essential, we are bringing back [...]
  • Meet The Artist: Hannah Griffith

    Meet The Artist: Hannah Griffith

    Here at Harveys, we love to partner with local artists and creatives for our collections. When we decided we wanted to make a plant-inspired print for Spring we were thrilled to work with our friend Hannah Griffith again! For those who might not be aware, Hannah used to work for us! She started working in [...]
  • What is Collector Series?

    What is Collector Series?

    We’ve noticed a few people have asked us, “What is Collector Series?” so we thought it would be good to take a minute and go into more detail. These unique items have that little something extra that makes you say, "WOW." They embody the Harveys spirit with playful details that will surprise and delight and [...]