Hey everyone!We just wrapped up our Summer Look Book shoot in Palm Springs! I hope you were able to follow along on Snapchat: @ShopHarveys We were out in the desert with the creative team and our guest and good friend Leslie Schneider! Meet Leslie, she is the creative colorful lady behind the Instagram @Splendid_Rags! She utilizes color to create [...]
  • Our California Native Garden Update

    Our California Native Garden Update

    It’s been about 7 months, a little over half a year, and two whole seasons since we introduced you to our burgeoning California Native garden last time on the blog. We haven’t had any trouble telling Spring is here from the looks of the beautiful blooming spring paradise we have right outside our doors. We have birds [...]
  • Career Day with Harveys

    Career Day with Harveys

    The creative team had the incredible honor of speaking at Paul Revere Elementary school career day.We spoke to a 6th and 3rd grade class about the brand, what we do and how we design the bags! These lucky kiddos even got a sneak peek of our summer collection and loved it as much as we think [...]
  • From The Desk Of Melanie Harvey

    From The Desk Of Melanie Harvey

    Having 2 little girls can be all the inspiration I need sometimes. Marilyn has always been our mermaid and Lily, well she is just straight-up our candy girl. I worked closely with the creative team to bring these dreamy designs to life. We thought that the layering of the different shades was playful and fun because sometimes it’s [...]
  • From The Desk Of a Harveys Intern Vol. 3

    From The Desk Of a Harveys Intern Vol. 3

    Here in SoCal the weather has been super sunny and we’ve been soaking it up at the beach!We headed out of the office for a quick shoot and decided that the beach would be the perfect location. Showcasing our darling spring collection was definitely on our list of to-dos for the day! And we even got to [...]